Spanish Triplex - Apt 101½

The middle unit of the Spanish Triplex in Pass-a-Grille has two floors.

Next to the entrance, the first floor has a front bedroom opposite the full tiled European-style bathroom with walk in shower. The living area has a sectional sofa with a fold out sleeper, an upholstered chair and coffee table.  The living area opens to the back section with a modern kitchen and dining area.  It looks out to the garden patio.  Access to the second floor bedroom is via an oak staircase.

The second floor is an open bedroom with views in all directions.  You'll enjoy the king-size bed.  Adjacent is a full bathroom with shower and clothes washer.  Off the bedroom is a large private deck with lounge furniture and a clothes dryer. There is also a small alcove with a twin bed under the eaves which can been curtained off.

Entry Way/Downstairs Bedroom

View of the Front Bedroom From the Entrance.
Beyond is the Livingroom and Patio

Front Entrance and Bedroom.
Door to the bathroom is on the right.

Downstairs Bathroom off the Bedroom

Downstairs Bathroom with European Style Shower

Downstairs Shower with Corner Seat for Changing and Shaving

Downstairs Bathroom with Vanity and Large, High Toilet

Livingroom and Dining Table

Livingroom and Dining Table with View to Patio

Livingroom Looking Back Towards Entranceway/nNorteaster Snowstorm Reporting from Washington, DC


Dining Table Looks out on Patio or Over to TV

Welcome To Our Beach House
...Far From the Maddening Storm


Kitchen Looking Past Front Bedroom to Entranceway

Kitchen with Refrigerator with Icemaker


View of Patio From Kitchen

Patio with Grill & Tropical Plants

Master Bedroom on Second Floor

Bedroom with Kingsize Bed

Bedroom View Toward Stairs and Balcony
TV, Alcove Entrance & Desk Along Left

Bedroom Towards Deck with Views In All Directions

Bedroom With Desk, Alcove, TV & Bathroom Door

View from Balcony toward Jungle House


Upstairs Bathroom with Washing Machine

Upstairs Shower


Deck - Very Private

Deck with Dryer in Shed


View of Alcove From Bedroom

Alcove with Curtains Partially Drawn

Twin Bed in Alcove Under Window

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