About Us

Welcome to Pass-a-Grille Rentals.

We offer unique places to stay while enjoying the St. Pete Gulf Coast ... our own vacation homes.

Years ago our parents came to the St. Pete area to enjoy the Floridian respite from the Wisconsin Winters. Over the years, as each of us started spending more and more time in the area, we started looking for places of our own to stay.

We have found interesting properties that offer a quiet and relaxing pace.  Each of our properties has been our own vacation home.  They are all unique.  Most reflect the cozy and relaxed beach atmosphere of the 1920's - 1940's.

Over the years we have gradually upgraded them while maintaining their historic nature.  Of course with a family that includes an architect (dad), interior designers, gardeners, and, most importantly, handymen, we have upgraded our places and continue to maintain them ourselves with pride.  Our emphasis has been to preserve the feel and historic aspects of the properties while modernizing the inside facilities.

Reflecting our interests in tropical fruits and spices, our gardens tend to be more out of the ordinary. We have exotic tropical and subtropical fruits, spices, and flowers.  Look around and you may find our lemon grass, cinnamon, pitanga (Surinam Cherry), pomegranate, coconut, along more traditional fig, citrus and bananas.  For flowering trees we have ylang ylang, Sinapore orchid, along with the more usual fragipani, hisbiscus, jasmine, gardinas, oleanders, bird-of-paradise, and bougainvilla. Consequently, our gardens are not the trimmed and manicured standard of fancy Floridian estates. 

As we explore and sample the area, we learn about those special places to enjoy and visit.  We also learn what NOT to do and where NOT to eat.  Our arrival email, personally developed over the years with maps, restaurant menus and recommendations, and places to fish, shop, birdwatch, walk, bike, and explore.  We are contantly adding and updating the guidebooks.  We welcome and appreciate our guests suggestions and contributions to these guides.  Great fun.  It gives us a great excuse to go out to eat!

We hope you enjoy our beach cottages.  We're looking forward to meeting you.

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