Request Information
    or Make a Reservation

For information or to make a reservation, please contact us by email.

If making a reservation request please include:
1. Your name, address, email, and cell phone numbers.
2. The requested arrival and departure dates.
3. The rental unit:
 "pg101" = Pass-a-Gille 101 [up to 4 guests] (1 bedroom + foldout)
 "pg1015" = Pass-a-Gille 101½ [up to 6 guests](2 bedrooms + 1 twin + 1 foldout)
 "pg103" = Pass-a-Gille 103 [up to 4 guests] (1 bedroom + foldout)
4. Any questions you may have:

We will get back to you promptly.

To make a resevation request or additional information is needed, contact Leslie by email.
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Due to too many horrible experiences with dogs, we no longer take dogs.

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